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Schindler's List, produced by Steven Spielberg, is one of the greatest movies of its time and will be remembered for many years to come. It is a story of a German Nazi, Oscar Schindler, who saves many Jews by many selfless acts. With the help of a very skilled accountant, Itzhak Stern, Schindler starts a metal factory which made pots and later ammunition. By giving Jews a job at his metal factory during Holocaust, they were essential workers and were kept alive. I have never studied the Holocaust in detail, but I learned very much from this movie because I felt like I was there. Spielberg was able to portray the reality of the Holocaust through showing the unrestrained truth. Some may think that it is too violent and offensive, but it was necessary to portray what the Jews had to go through. There are parts in the movie where we also see the good in humankind. While the violence and cruelty in ?Schindler?s List? shows the reality of the Holocaust, a humanness of mankind can be seen through Amon Goeth, a German officer, and Oscar Schindler. The violence in ?Schindler?s List? is overwhelming at times, but for the audience to catch the truth of the treatment of the Jews, it was necessary for Steven Spielberg to include it. He lets Continue...

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    Schindler. Schindler's List "Schindler's List" is probably the most authentic portrayal of the Holocaust you can get without being a documentary. .... (375 2 )

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Schindlers List brings a feeling of triumph and a tear to the eye. In one scene a loving husband ran hurriedly to join the rest that were evacuating while carrying his unconscious wife when Geoth sees him. He asks the man why he was caring her when she was already dead. Oscar Schindler saved 1100 people and was declared a righteous man. One day while talking with her, she describes the fear she has for Geoth. He enjoys you so much that he wont even let you wear the star because he doesnt want others to know he enjoys a Jew. Amon Geoth did not have a heart and neither did most of the Nazi soldiers. For the simple act of gratitude, he was put in jail. This is demonstrated when he says, Power is when we have every justification to kill and we dont. They were killed for hiding, for running, and just for forgetting their paperwork. Another turning point for Schindler is when a woman comes to him and asks if her parents could come work for him because . He unfeelingly pulls out his gun and shoots her. The gruesome details catch the reality. Schindlers List evokes many feelings: fear, sadness, hate, hope, despair and triumph.


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