Forest Gump

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“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This is probably the most popular quote from “Forest Gump.” It simply states how Forest felt about life. He lived his life according to his values. Three of the important values that he lived by were being non-judgmental, helping people, and loyalty. Forest Gump faced many obstacles in his life, but he still stayed strong, and he became the best person he could be. The first value that Forest Gump lived by was being non-judgmental and accepting people for who they are. Jenny had a lot of faults and was not always there for Forest, but he never gave up on her. She was always coming and going out of his life, but he was always there when she came back. Bubba, o Continue...

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Forest always took the positive with the negative. Dan, another friend, was not an easy person to get to know and get close to, but Forest was still his friend. He promised Bubba he would run a shrimping business, and he did. He stuck with her all of her life, and when she died, he took care of their son. He loved his country so much, that he went to war and risked his life to save others and America. He ran back and forth rescuing fellow soldiers. ne of Forest"tms friends, was of a different race and background, but Forest accepted him without even looking at those things. He always helped people, and he showed loyalty to friends, family, and his country. He did not feel like living anymore, but Forest became his friend and helped him to overcome his disabilities and enjoy life. Forest always helped his mother out around the house, and when she got sick, he immediately went to her. Dan was handicapped from the war and became very depressed. The third value that Forest lived by was loyalty.


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