Committing Suicide

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The suicidal problem is very serious than anyone thinks. In numerous countries, the number of suicides is significantly higher than the number of deaths due to traffic accidents. In year 2000, 28,332 people committed suicide in the United States according to an official data. If you count the number of people who tried to commit suicide and has been saved, the number is 10 times more than those people who died because of killing themselves. So, this is a very serious problem. However, ending your life is not a way to solve a problem. So, why do people commit suicide? There are many reasons would cause a person to kill himself. But there are few major problems. There ar Continue...

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For example, the mental problem, the feeling of helpless, or the personality, whose always feel depression, hopeless, helpless, no confidence, or even no value. You don't want to make them unhappy right But don't give yourself burden of trying to deal with the problem alone. Or you can think of your family, or friends, what will they be if you are not around anymore. It's really helpful because you might find a way to solve a problem. They would feel very upset because of losing you. e many reason would cause a person to commit suicide. If you really don't want to see a doctor, talk to a friend, or psychologists. Also, ask for help if you need! Never try to end your life, it's not worth because you still have many things to see in the world. Do you think it's only your problem Absolutely not! Because your family has to do many things after you die. It's dangerous! Imagine, if you have a serious problem and you couldn't solve it, then you commit suicide and you die. There are many ways to get over the problem.


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