alexander the great was not worthy of his title

             Alexander the Great did not deserve his title.
             Alexander the Great ruled from 356-323 BC. During this time he conquered a huge area of territory, amassing for himself a large land empire. However he was also responsible for the death of thousands of his own men. Although being one of the greatest generals of all time, he was in reality a selfish, drunk who used one of the most powerful armies of his time, for his own self-glorification. Alexander the Great did not deserve his title.
             Alexander was born in Pella, Macedonia. His father was the famous general Phillip the second, his mother was Queen Olympias, princess of Eupirus. At the age of thirteen Alexander’s father employed the greatest mind of the time, Aristotle, to be his tutor. Aristotle educated Alexander in the ways of life as well as about literature, science, medicine and philosophy. He introduced the Illiad to Alexander, which he then learnt off by heart and kept a copy of it with him when he went on expeditions. Alexander first gained military power when his “father was making an expedition against Byzantium Alexander, although he was only 16 and 9 months old he left behind as regent of Macedonia. (Plutarch, 1973. P260). At this time he was an acting commander of his father’s army.
             In 336BC at the young age of 20 he inherited the powerful empire of Macedonia. With this inheritance he gained control of it’s army which consisted of 40 000 infantry and 7 000 cavalry. This was said to be the best trained standing army of the time. Alexander wanted to be glorified as the greatest general; the only way he knew how to do this was by conquering other cities, so he did. Within ten years he had defeated the Persians, defeated Egypt, India, Iran and even Afghanistan. With this he was said to be one of the greatest generals. “On the basis of writing in Roman times, who measured success by the number of body-bags used, they deemed him great. ( Dupuy, 1986 p.30).

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