The Pitcher

             Robert Francis “The Pitcher” brings a closer description of pitchers and introduces the mental capacity from the styles, motions that can be effective in a baseball game. The poem suggests that today’s baseball fan should be enlightened by the progress of what makes a effective pitcher. Through the eyes of the poet, the observation of a pitcher could determine the delivery of a pitch. In our greatest American pastime, pitchers are noted as part time players and only play once every five games. A greater appreciation for pitchers is clarified in this poem. Through the poet’s vision, he enriches this poem with the use of such elements of poetry as speaker, setting, personification and rising meter.
             Throughout the poem, the speaker set the pace of what details the motion of “The pitcher.”uses, “The art is eccentricity, his aim,” in this description, the speaker, reveals the whine up of “The Pitcher” by producing a circular motion of his arms upon release of the ball that is targeted. “How not to hit the mark he seems to aim at”; in this statement the speaker explains the target that is provided by the catcher in positioning the spot where should the ball be thrown. In the line “His passion how to avoid the obvious” the poet provides emphasis’s of determination from the pitcher. Additionally the heart of “The pitcher” is describing the skill that is applied from the pitch in preventing the batter from the opposite team of hitting the ball. “ His technique how to vary the avoidance” gives the readers an insight into how batters could determine the type of pitch is being thrown.
             The setting shows that “The Pitcher” is on the mound in a baseball park. The imagery, through the speaker’s thoughts reveals the pitcher who has the attention of the readers and the opponents that he’s facing in the batter’s box. The ballpark’s serene atmosphere focuses only on the pitcher who seems to ...

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