Is Science Curse

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Today, the mankind is living under the shadow of sudden death. It appears that we have come to the end of our journey. Now we stand on the brink of complete and final destruction. The earth has become a dangerous place. It may explode to pieces at any moment. Man has been living on this earth for thousands of years. It has been giving him everything he needed. Then, why it has become so dangerous. The only thing responsible for this is science and its inventions. Science has brought more fear and danger than hope and comfort. In the beginning, it appeared to be the greatest friend and helper of man. It promised to overcome disease and death. It promised to Continue...

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Now science has invented such weapons of war that can blow up the whole of earth in a few hours. The strong countries are becoming longer and the weak ones weaker. It has broken up the established institutins. He loved his neighbours and respected his elders. He did not have the so-called blessings of science, but he did not need them. What has to accomplished It has not ended poverty. Science has developed such terrible weapons of war that in the next world war not a single man will escape death. It promised to make this earth a paradise, and man an immortal god. In the past, man lived in a happy world.


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