Rich vs Poor

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Do the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer? In America the land of opportunity there is unlimited ways for an individual to make it big. You may be born into poverty and die wealthy. There is also the possibility of opposite happening to you also. In America the worst and best of people all have the same chance to make it. This is what “I feel we are to believe and should convince ourselves of”. The rich do get richer and the poor do get poorer. Money is power and because the all mighty dolor is so powerfull it has made the United States the power house of the World. Giving US full power, rulership and authority over the rest of the world. Just how rich is the United States is in comparison to the rest of the world? “If we shrank the population of the world down to just one hundred people, then fifty per cent of the world's wealth would be in the hands of only six of those people. All of them would be citizens of the United States.” (Marc Garrison) It is a fixed fight and we already lost. The ratio of the poor becoming the top 5% of the nations weathest versus the Weathest going to bottom 20% is not that likely. David and Galioth does happen. But it is a rare occusion and you can count on goliath win Continue...

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You can not do something if you don't think of it. Those who do nothing find that, over time, their muscles atrophy. They usually suggest some new government program or tax that is destructive of human freedom and prosperity. Over time, they push themselves further and find themselves capable of doing things that never would have been possible earlier. The Captain is suppose to go down with ship not abort and leave his crew to drown without him. I guess we are all exposed to basic economics without knowing it. Dave Thomas in 1969, opened his first Wendy's restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, naming it after his daughter. Not because it talked about making money but the simple lessons I learned in one day for free that I never looked at myself. Just one player (Bill Gates, perhaps) in the end will be the owner of the world. The vast majority of Americans are doing as well as we are because a million or so are making a lot of money figuring out how to create new products and new ways to increase our productivity. By most standards Thomas was remarkable people -- he was an orphan, his adoptive mother died when he was 5. The whole focus on income inequality is mistaken. Yes there were people there that have built there wealth from Real Estate, they shared a common story of having dreams and wanting to pursue them. The past year there has been a overlwhelming amount of large corporations filing for bankruptsy, leaving millions out work.


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