Animal Culling

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Animal culling is the selective removal of animals so that some can live comfortably and reduce the amount of disease. Animal culling is often the answer to overpopulation. However, uncontrolled culling may lead to the endangerment to species and wildlife. The numerous kangaroos at Puckapunyal should be culled, as they are becoming a menace to the neighbouring Puckapunyal community. Dr Graeme Coulson, a kangaroo ecologist and senior lecturer in zoology in the University of Melbourne, said that, as a general rule, 100 kangaroos per square kilometre was a sign of trouble. The number is now reaching 200. If we do not control it, we get widespread land degradation and widespread plant biodiversity loss because the country gets overgrazed. Trapped inside the 18-metre electric fence that surrounds the 45 000-hectare site, the kangaroos have over bred, eaten themselves out of food and denuded the base of its native grasses. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment issued the Department of Defence a 3-month permit to cull the kangaroos. The RSPCA has backed the cull, saying thousands of kangaroos are in poor condition because of the lack of food caused by the drought in the area. A DNRE spokesman said the permit would b Continue...

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Starving kangaroos are even infesting residential areas. Local farmers complain that dry conditions are forcing the animals to invade their land in search of food. Hubbard Smash Repair owner Tony Hubbard predicted a death would soon happen after a big jump in car collisions with kangaroos. It is far better to foster a strong kangaroo industry that makes the animals worth something. Without a doubt, the kangaroos should be culled in order to improve the lives of the remaining kangaroos as well as ridding the farmers in the area of an annoying and costly pest that could have harmed little children too. Kangaroos should definitely be culled for the benefit of all parties including the animals themselves. Sheep farmer Ray Crawley is hoping to take a class action with his neighbours against the Defence Department for loss of money. Colin Trinder said it is not the wisest use of the resource to stick them in the ground and hope the Victorian Government would see the wisdom of this approach. Farmer Keith McLarty, who has lived in the area since 1953, said kangaroo management was a debacle. The greenies are not using any common sense, he said. Mr Bracks said the cull was approved for the sole purpose of reducing the number of animals to stop most of them from dying of hunger this winter. Mr Donges said while farmers recognised the need for balance between sheep, cattle and kangaroos, in some cases, kangaroos were capable of causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to farmers' crops and fences. e part of a long-term plan to manage the kangaroo population explosion. This is obviously an incorrect statement, as she did not consider that the kangaroo population has risen tremendously over the years.


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