How Is Globalization affecting HRM?

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Do the geographical and the national boundaries limit a business in the world of the 21st century? The answer is simply “NO”. The term Globalization has invaded the mind of every successful businessman and the concept of Global Village is a common issue in the modern business world. What really the globalization is? The answer seems simple “if a firm or an organization expands its sales or production beyond the national boundaries, then it is globalization”, but it does not cover the real meaning of the term. Globalization actually means more, much more than that; it is realizing that there is a big world out there, geographically, that reaches far beyond our small community and that the world is getting closer to us all the time. Globalization is the realization that, whether we like it or not, this big world is becoming an ever increasing factor in our daily lives. The concept of globalization today has invaded the globe and the national boundaries have been virtually eliminated. So what is the effect of this? Simple, the world today has became a small but a very very complex and dynamic neighborhood. Today we live in a global village and this means that our activities have crossed the national boundaries to become Continue...

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This is all because of globalization and this all has become possible because the huge world of the past has turned into a global village today. In these issues also the role of HRM has changed rapidly due to the globalization, the HR managers of today are expected to be able to handle this diversification among the employees and make them ready to face the change in their environment and the changing technology. How would they adapt themselves with this rapid change in technology if they were not proactive Thus, there is no doubt that the human resources are proactive in the issues of globalization and the increased competition and challenges that follow. To ensure that this requirement HRM is expected to be more dynamic and proactive. The American style of business in not universally accepted. They may have there factory any where around the globe, they may sell their products and services in any markets and the most important thing is that they may hire qualified personnel from any corner of the world. He may be well equipped, trained and ready to face the situation, but he acts according to the challenges and the requirement of the situation as it comes. As a conclusion it can be said that the HR of today is Proactive in the issues of globalization, they know what may come next and are well prepared for that, but besides that they are reactive too they are dynamic in nature and are highly flexible according to the situation. Thus globalization has increased the requirement of skill among employees and managers drastically. The human resource or the workers are proactive in finding out what skills and qualifications will be required to be an employee of demand in the coming situations. This has made HRM a more complex and challenging job while compared with the case before globalization had became such a popular and necessary factor There is no doubt this role will keep on changing and it is absolutely sure that it will be more challenging and dynamic in the years to come. The human resource managers are proactive to ensure that their workforce will be ready to perform in the global standards to make their firm ready to face the global markets. HR managers today not need to rely in a small limited market to find the right employees needed to meet the global challenge, but today they can recruit the employees from around the world. But what about the Human Resource itself, how are they taking the changed environment caused by the rapid globalization. All these effects are of great influence and they have completely changed the approach about the management of human resources.


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