The Men We Carry In Our Minds

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In Scott Russell Sanders’ essay, “The Men We Carry In Our Minds,” discusses about his personal perception of the conflict of gender equality that culminated in his mind after witnessing the harsh lives of his surrounding group of people. This essay deals with the problems that exist between sex and social class issues. His work demonstrates troubles that lie between rich and poor, males and females. Sanders expresses that men in his society had little choice over their own future. He supports his thoughts and beliefs by arguing how men had to survive through life by becoming a factory worker or a soldier. As a child, Sanders predicted his own destiny as ultima Continue...

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tely becoming one of these two oppressive identities. On the other hand, he believed women had an easier, enjoyable life. He eventually poses the theory of gender equality based on the difference of class in his society. To his dismay, the females at college did not take him in as a friend, but perceived him as their enemy. His socialization with the women opened his eyes to the hardships they had to undertake. This was a big change for Sanders; everything he thought he knew about women was turned upside down. Sanders proclaimed, "It was not my fate to become a woman, so it was easier for me to see the graces" (272). This was because as a boy, I had envied them. Even after Sanders had matured, escaped his oppressive environment, and attended college, he was "baffled" at the concept of discrimination. Sanders main point was that it is easier to overcome gender than class, which is portrayed in his argument. For in their lives growing up, being daughters of rich families, they knew from birth that men would become the ones with degrees and would be successful. " (272) Due to his early visions of gender roles prominent in his class, he never understood how women felt with the pressure at their work. Although in the past Sanders envied women for what he perceived as a pleasant lifestyle compared to men, he restates his thought in this line: "I was slow to understand the deep grievances of women. In conclusion, Sanders realized that the women he met wanted to share in the magnificence of wealthy jobs worthy of degrees and intelligence.


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