Babe Ruth

             George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6, 1895 born to Kate and George Ruth. Originally his mom gave birth to eight children, but six died in infancy. Only him and his sister Mamie survived. As a young boy George didn’t receive as much attention as a regular little boy would need. He didn’t receive much attention because of his parents working their long hard hours to support their family. The first seven years of his life he managed to survive for himself on the dirty crowded streets of Baltimore. He never really heard his parents say that they loved him, and they never really showed it either. On June 13, 1902 George was sent to the St. Marys school for boys. They also gave custody to the Xaverian Brothers of the school.
             George often compared the school to a prison, because it had big prison walls that surrounded the whole campus, and it had armed guards at every exit. He only went to see his real parents for short periods of time, and when he did he was always sent back and no one ever came to visit him while he was there. The only positive influence he got from St. Marys was a man named Brother Mathias. He was like the father George never had. He gave him the love, attention, and guidance that he didn’t get from his parents, but the most important thing he helped him with was with his baseball skills. Baseball was one of the top priorities at the school.
             On the field, George played all of the positions on the field and he was a great hitter. On of his favorite positions was pitcher. By the end of his teens he was ready to go to the next level. On February 27, 1914 at the age of nineteen he signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles. At the time they were only a minor league team, but he couldn’t play because he had to stay at St. Marys until he was 21. So Jack Dunn the manager of the Orioles took custody of him so he could play. The first few days of practice his new teammat

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