The Three Battles of Beowulf

             Beowulf was the ultimate tale of good versus evil. With villains
             who captured the very essence of animosity. They were murderers out
             for blood almost completely savage with revenge or jealousy on their
             mind. They could rip a man in half and feel no guilt. Unafraid of any
             man they attacked large groups of warriors, some of which were the
             kings best. The truth is they should have been they were not invincible,
             for every evil there is an equal good and that good was Beowulf.
             Beowulf through his life changed a great deal as a youth he was
             lazy and sluggish. As he got older he became stronger, and a fierce
             competitor. He once swam a great race against a character named Breka,
             swimming seven days fighting sea monsters. Although he lost the race he
             showed just how strong, brave, and heroic he was instead of winning the
             race he saved his competitor. This battle gave him confidence for his
             many battles to come. And this was nothing compared to the many
             Grendel was the anti thesis the exact opposite of Beowulf he was
             loyal to no one and did not believe in a fair fight attacking troops of
             sleeping men. He had attacked the mead hall for twelve years. His
             attacks were fueled by jealousy he couldn’t stand to hear the soldiers in
             the mead hall rejoicing and celebrating. He was an outcast on the outside
             looking in much like Cain who had been cast away due to his evil deed.
             Grendel is often referred to as the descendant of Cain. All this was
             before king Hrothgar asked Beowulf to help. He didn’t know it but that
             nights attack would be his last. he crept in to the mead hall while the
             men were sleeping and attacked grabbing a man ripping him in half and
             drinking his blood as Beowulf studied him pretending to be asleep.
             Before Grendel could get to the main course Beowulf attacked him
             unarmed with the belief that god would help him in battle after a long

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