Compare & Contrast essay about technologies

             Email, Cell phones, Internet, Television, Pagers, and Computers is the way
             of the future, or is it now trademarks of everyday life? Today in 2002 peoples
             lives seem so interconnected with the ways that technology has been able to
             bridge the gap in communications. Fifty years ago, you had limited options,
             sending mail from the post office (which today has been labeled "snail mail") or
             calling them. We now have a wide variety of communication devices accessible to
             us so that we are never out of touch. Multimedia, Television, and internet bring
             into our homes images of violence, sex, ideals, and everything that is out there in
             the world. One of the current issues that has been approached is "Is there to
             much information accessible to us?" Since we are overwhelmed with so much
             information, scenes of sex, violence, and also by ways of communication, we are
             slowly loosing the sensors of right and wrong, everything is becoming almost like
             a video game. Compared to fifty years ago, America today is facing a whole new
             set of problems that was not even a consideration or a thought of Americans of
             yesteryear. Morals, communication, society’s beliefs, trends, value of life, and
             even workplace environments are worlds apart from our past, and all this within
             a short span of time. We do not reflect the utopia that people from 1952 may
             have imagined for us with flying cars, ray guns, and life in space. We are a
             generation caught up in the world of high speed information and instant
             everything, even instant life (cloning and genetic research).
             The world of communication is so egregious; we don’t know what to do.
             From email, to computers, to chat rooms; it’s how people meet and interact with
             each other now. These so called “Internet cafes" how does this affect people? Are
             people more open today about meeting people than they were 50 years ago? 50

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