My Personal Characteristics

             The opposite of talking isn’t listening
             The opposite of talking is waiting
             When my new varsity policy partner, Justin, and I received the results of our first tournament together, I was devastated. It was a pitiful 3-5 win-loss record. My work and research had all come to nothing – this did not bode well for the rest of the season. I joined speech and debate because I loved to communicate with others, and share my opinions. Debate had become my passion and outlet. On this particular dark, windy night on the Kamehameha Schools campus, it seemed that my passions had fallen flat. What would be the final culmination of all our hard work and dedication?
             Teachers have called me a passionate, assertive student who was always willing to suggest an idea. When my English 9 teacher encouraged me to join speech and debate and take advantage of my knack for public speaking, I was skeptical. Indeed, I had no clue how large a role speech and debate would become. My first few attempts at practicing were dismal at best. I was so nervous I could hardly concentrate on forming cohesive sentences. But as time went on I became confident, and went on to win second place in the junior varsity policy debate competition at the Hawaii Speech League State Tournament.
             That following year, my junior year, I was elected to become a member of the officer core. Serving as the team’s treasurer was a big responsibility, requiring a significant amount of time and dedication. That year was also difficult academically, forcing me to balance my schedule between studying, researching for debate, and practicing music. Music has been a significant part of my life ever since I can remember. I’ve been playing the piano since I was eight years old, and the cello since I was eleven. Somehow, my family and I found a way to balance all the elements I juggled in my life.
             The exposure I received while participating in debate and Model UN opened up a glorious o...

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