Is Money the Route of All Evil

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Is money the route of all evil? In my own opinion on, in today’s society people are starting for forget what real life is about, because so many people’s lives revolve around money. I have a hyposthesis that states that money is a good thing to have, and a bad thing to have. Unfortunately in today’s world, people who have a large amount of money, tend to think that they a Continue...

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One reason why I feel that money is not an influence of evil is that you see a lot of wealthy people using their money that goes towards a good cause. An example of this, is when you are out in a wealthy area and people act like they can walk all over you. The reason I felt this way, is that some rich people think that they are above other people. re better than people who have less money. Hopefully, if money was divided equally, we would not have the different types of social classes we have today. An example of this is when celebrities start a charity organization to help starving kids in Africa. Another example of this is that a lot of wealthy people try not to act like they are better than you. Also, an example of this, is when people only live for material possessions, and forget about what the important things are in life. Will we ever see equality among citizens in different occupations that warrant financial rewards Only time will tell.


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