Families Assessment in Nursing

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Introduction Increasingly nursing is recognizing the significance of the family to the health and well being of individual family members (wright &Leahey, 2000). Hatrick (1998) suggests family nursing in undergraduate nursing education will provide nurses with theoretical and practical skills to work effectively with families. This paper will demonstrate the assessment of one family using the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) as well as the Calgary Family Intervention Model (CFIM). The CFAM will provide information on the structural, developmental and functional components of the family. The family's strengths and weaknesses are identified, and the role of a community resource in this family's life is described. This discussion will demonstrate the relationship these concepts have on health and nursing in the family. All member of the family interviewed for this assignment agreed to participate but their names have been changed to ensure confidentiality. The Calgary Family Assessment Model The CFAM is an integrated conceptual framework developed by Wright and Leahey for use when interviewing and making assessment of families. The CFAM consists of three major categories: structural, developmental and functional Continue...

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Heather's mother and elderly grand-parents have weekly contact with the Smiths and are readily available to them both. They have actively made changes to improve their nutrition and communication, thus influencing their health and well being. This highlights a possible need for an updated model that can be adapted to any family situation. They include suggesting ways to conserve resources or to expand resources through sharing with other families or bartering time and resources. Heather feels she has a closer bond with her parents and grandparents now. Brianna's daycare was recognized as an important community resource for this family through its provision of support and education for Heather. Heather's parents divorced when she was thirteen. She adjusted her life to meet the responsibilities and needs of parenthood. Heather attended a parenting course that aided communication skills to improve their relationship. When do you think Brianna will start asking questions about your divorce And what will you tell her 2. Encouraging respite or relief from car responsibilities when needed and 8. If Heather is working or unwell she ensures Brianna's instrumental needs are met by a friend or extended family member. These components acknowledged the extended family, subsystems, larger systems this family has contact with as well as interventions aimed at helping the family improve the quality of their lives if even only a little. Heather described the relationship with her grandparents as very special. Heather is aware of the high incidence of osteoporosis and iron deficiency in women and has increased her intake of calcium and red meat to account for this.


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