The Freedom of the Press is abused in America

             In today’s day and time, information is the key. Its all about who knows what, and who knew it first. The problem with this is when inside leaks occur. When the press provides potentially confidential or secret information, this provides the perfect opportunity for foreign countries to flip on their TV and find out this information. This is why the freedom of the press is abused in America.
             During war coverage, the press must rely on the military for their safety because reporters are generally not soldiers. This can also cause problems with releasing military position, secret information, ect. ect. But the press is better off with us then by themselves, if for no other reason then that the military and ultimately the nation must take responsibility for the actions our press takes during these war times, for if reporters are taken captive, they may be used as bargaining tokens. But even if all restrictions are taken off, it doesn’t guarantee that the press will perceive or deliver their reports honestly. Which makes you want to pick and choose what press companies you will allow with you; for when false information is given to the general public, it can be confusing or misleading and may leave the nation not backing the war. You must also question the content of information the press releases. For instant, during the September 11th attack when people were shown jumping to their death from the top of the towers; this was unnecessary.
             Another thing you want to hold dear is your privacy. Imagine yourself waking up and flipping on the TV to watch the morning news when the car accident you were involved in yesterday becomes the topic. The newscasters’ talk about how you caused the accident because you were allegedly under stress and that this stress could have been caused by the affair you are involved in with your wife and how you have been married 6 times. You feel violated with everyone knowing about your private life. It ...

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