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When the colonists settled America, many of them had different reasons, beliefs, and accomplishments to set for themselves. Whatever the reason, North and South, (New England and Chesapeake, respectively), evolved into two distinct societies, because of social, political, and economic reasons. Social life changed both colonies dramatically. First off, you have the New England settlers, who came to the Americas because of religious persecution in England and surrounding areas. As seen in Document A, John Winthrop states, “We must knit together in this work as one man.” This article basically defines the Puritan ways, and gave strength to the Puritans coming to the Americas. John Winthrop also states that their goal was to form "a city upon a hill", which represented a "pure" community, where Christianity would be pursued in the most correct manner. In Chesapeake, the reasons for coming to Ameri Continue...

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    .... There are many differences in development between New England and the .... and the Chesapeake concerning religion was that New England colonies were based on the .... (733 3 )

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    .... Secondly, the difference in emigration patterns greatly influenced the differences in development between the New England and Chesapeake colonies. .... (602 2 )

What a waste of time, because no one came out rich like the Spanish. Document F states that all everyone wanted to do was dig, wash, refine, and load gold. While in the North, you had farmers breaking their backs farming on rough, rugged, hard land, and the Chesapeake were just taking so much advantage of their beautiful land. They showed they cared about the land, and a convenient proportion for a house lot. All in al, political reasons take center stage in reasons why Chesapeake and New England were different. However, based on Document B, one can see that New England was at least more uniform. Massacring all the Indians wasn't right, but that's ok, we (Americans) were extremely stupid back then, but now, we're only a slight level of idiocy. can weren't because of the strict confines of the Anglican Church, it was because they were wealthy snobs and wanted even more. Tobacco started growing all over the Chesapeake community. (by trying to find something valuable). All in all, Social life in the Americas greatly affected why New England and Chesapeake were different. Chesapeake wasn't very strict at all. I mean, the Indians showed them what tobacco was, and it if it wasn't for them, 90 of coughing in America would be decreased. Because of certain political reasons, the colonies were both different.