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Greek Mythology In my essay I will analyze my chosen creation myth. Then I will compare and contrast other creation myths. I am trying to find a myth that has many similarities to mine, as well as utilize other myths that have differences to mine. I will summarize Greek mythology, then I will tell why the myths that I am comparing and contrasting my myth towards are alike or different from my original myth. In Greek mythology, the creation starts out like many cultures creation myths do. Although it may start out the same, this myth is actually quite different and a lot more exciting than most myths. In the beginning there was only chaos. Then Erebus appeared, a space where Death and Night dwell. Love was then born, which brought a start to order. Love then produced Light and Day. Next came Gaea, the Earth. Erebus and Night mated and gave birth to Ether, which was the heavenly light. Night was the one who produced, Doom, Fate, Death, Sleep, Dreams, Nemesis, and all other darkness. Gaea alone gave birth to Continue...

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Then after his victory came one more battle. Gaea however prophesied that he would be overthrown by one of his sons. Then, Nunga who is a human god except for her dragon tail instead of legs, came along and admired the beauty of nature, but wanted more than simple animals. When the egg broke the universe was split into Yang, heaven, and Yin, Earth. The youngest Titan, Cronus and her plotted against Uranus and ambushed him. When the land structures dry, a buzzard swoops down and creates valleys and mountains. In Cherokee mythology the earth was already here without an explanation. In general the Chinese creation myth is an egg was the first thing since chaos. One day a water beetle went down to see what was under the water. Gaea gave birth to one more child Typhoeus, he was fearsome. He grew into a handsome youth on Crete. Rhea didn't like this, and finally by the time her sixth child was to be born, she hid herself, and left the child to be raised by nymphs. After the breaking Pangu had to hold the heavens from crushing the earth.


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