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What does man owe society? I think man owes society a lot of things. We owe society our respect for the laws most of all. We should obey all the laws the government has issued even if we think they’re not for our own good. If everyone would just obey the laws, this society would be close to perfect. The laws are there for a reason, so people should obey them for a reason. Another thing man owes society is the knowledge that he learns Continue...

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Laws are the main thing society provides to keep people safe from anything that may harm them. Another thing man owes society is his self dependence. What does society owe man One really important thing society owes man is protection and safety. Man learns a lot of things during his life, and these things learned should be passed down from one generation to another. If everyone would just contribute to society and society would contribute all to man, we probably would be happier in life. But keep in mind, laws only work if they are obeyed. Everyone should have the same opportunity to learn what is available. Man should give his best effort to support himself. Something that has been learned and can help better the society should be taught to everyone. This applies to personal knowledge especially. Society has to provide these things so that they can be carried on and will never be forgotten. Another thing society owes is its knowledge that has been learned through the years.


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