Persuasive Essay: Everyone should Exercise

             Exercise has many benefits that will help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.
             Not only is exercise healthful, it also has an effect on our overall appearance and body
             composition, which can directly influence self-esteem, self-worth, and level of confidence.
             Heart disease is America’s number one killer. One in four Americans has some
             form of cardiovascular disease, accounting for more than 45 percent of deaths annually in
             the United States – many of which are preventable. The more excess body fat you have,
             the greater your risk for heart disease. Although evidence isn’t clear-cut, stress may be a
             factor for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It has been found that exercise is
             the most beneficial. People who exercise regularly are less likely to have high blood
             pressure. Exercise can also affect the blood levels of cholesterol. Part of the benefit of
             exercise comes from its direct effect on the heart. The amount of work the heart has to do
             depends on how fast it beats and the level of blood pressure. With regular exercise the
             heart muscle becomes stronger. It is able to do the same amount of exercise at a lower
             heart rate, and regular exercise also lowers blood pressure. So the heart does not have to
             work as hard. Exercise also improves the blood supply to the heart by stimulating the
             growth of branches of the coronary arteries.
             Most kids are pretty flexible, but as people get older they tend to lose their
             flexibility. When you're flexible, you can be more active without having to worry about
             getting sprains and strained muscles. Our muscles also function as shock absorbers and
             serve as important balancing agents throughout our body.
             Many of the beneficial effects of exercise on risk factors come from its effects on
             weight loss. Brisk walking for one hour a day for five days a week burns about
             two-thousand calories a week. Exercise combined with proper...

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