Daily Life in Colonial Massachusetts

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John Doe/1st hour Robert N. Linscott “Daily Life in Colonial Massachusetts” In the article “Daily Life in Colonial Massachusetts” written by Robert N. Linscott, Sylvester Judd tells how in the colonial years of Massachusetts life had it’s challenges for the whites and natives. Judd explains that in the colonial years life was taxing for the Natives as well as for the Europeans. During the first forty years, the viewpoint of the whites toward the Indians was friendly but wary explains, Judd, saying “that the squaws and braves, in scanty attire were common sights in the village streets, and the greeting Netop (“my friend”) was often heard.” The Ind Continue...

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The lives of the colonial people were erratic and testing, us modern day citizens surely would be devoured by the harsh conditions they were confronted with in their time. It was his father moneymaking objective that led to the creation of the currency called "wampum the currency funded the financial system for a while until 1661. ians and whites signed a voucher, which benefited both the whites and the Indians; a wealthy Englishmen named John Pynchon established the deed. The whites temperament attitude toward the Indians was abandoned in 1675, King Philip's War when Indian treacheries and torturing led to reprisals. couldn't wear any flaunting jewelry or apparel that law was soon overturned. Citizens were accused of witchery were tried and then convicted if found guilty, which is implausible in modern day. Ten pounds was paid for native's scalps taken by soldier or hundred pounds if scalped by a volunteer. By colony law 1647, every town of fifty families was required to provide a school where children could learn to read write. . Their diet was below par they would; their main dish consisted of cornmeal and water and was called "mush. As time progressed the citizens had realized how important it was for the generations ahead to be prepared for the productive life the colony demands of them. The laws that was passed in the colonial times were pretty trivial for example, "The General Court passed a law in 1651 forbidding persons whose estate did not exceed two hundred pounds.


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