The Constitution a Brief Synopsis of its Relevance

             The Constitution: A Brief Synopsis of its Relevance
             Article Five, clause two to the United State Constitution states, “under the Authority of the United States, the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land.” More than two hundred years after its ratification, the Constitution is still the operating charter of the United States. Many such documents throughout history have either failed or have outgrown its developing societies. But there is one unique aspect of the United States Constitution that separates it from all other such documents, it is neither self-explanatory nor a comprehensive description of our constitutional rules (Burns 42). It is because of the Constitutions vagueness that our government is able to interpret it to fit our developing society. Many believe the Constitution has become irrelevant because no guiding principles seem to exist. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The Constitution belongs to the living and not the dead” (Malone 130). Accordingly, it is often referred to as a “living” document because of its regular alteration and reexamination; therefore, the Constitution has not become irrelevant in defining the goals of the American Government. This will be shown by examining how the Constitution ensures and upholds American ideas of rights, how it defines governmental structures, and how it permits the Supreme Court to shape and define public policy through Constitutional Interpretation.
             One way the Constitution upholds American ideas of rights was the inclusion of the Bill of Rights. Although the Constitution originally did not contain the Bill of Rights, the states threatened to delay ratification until the amendments were made. The purpose of implementing the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, was to safeguard fundamental individual rights against seizure by the federal government and prohibit interference with existing rights. The Revolutionary War with Britain ...

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