Natural disasters

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Debris is scattered for miles, houses are unrecognizable, tress are bent like wet noodles, and vehicles have been thrown like baseballs. This would be an aftermath of a natural disaster. Natural disasters come in many forms such as earthquakes, tornados, floods, blizzards, fires, and volcanic eruptions, just to name a few. Every type of disaster is not subjected to one specific area (Hess and Wrobleski 2003). Which means that people in certain areas only have to prepare for those disaster that are likely to transpire in their region. Preparation now days use communication and technology. New advances in communications make it easier to share and expand information. While the technological advances have increased our opportunities to share information as well (Department of Homeland Security 2004). The responses to natural disasters have been to invest in early warning systems that tend to protect lives and properties (FEMA, Disasters 2000). People should manage natural disasters by bringing new emphasis to research, preparedness, response, and recovery. Agencies and systems have researched natural disasters for years. Scientists now are developing more accurate methods of warning (FEMA, Disasters 2000). Technology has allowed f Continue...

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Emergency management systems help to identify any deficiencies in the pre-disaster planning, as well as trying to correct those areas (FEMA, Hazards 2000). However not all natural disasters are forewarn able. Assess the situations and inform the public of the locations of the emergency relief distribution centers (Hess and Wrobleski 2003). In natural disasters the unknown are the effects on property, human lives, and the economy (FEMA, Disasters 2000). Combating the disasters is not a single handled effort (Hess and Wrobleski 2003). Damage assessment is collected through the data of the departments, agencies, organizations, and citizens (Wayne Pollock 2003). With the expansions of communications and technologies, warnings are more likely to occur (Department of Homeland Security 2004). People can take action to save lives, reduce cost effects, increase response, and ease sufferings when they receive accurate warnings. Research, planning, response, and recovery all have a common goal. Resources such as generators, construction material, first aid kits, water, etc. This data also supports the claims made for post-emergency assistance. Reducing the loss of life and property are the key issues when concerned with natural disaster situations (Department of Homeland Security 2004). The requirements of this phase are to basically to maintain control and organization so that the public does not panic during this stage as well (Department of Homeland Security 2004).


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