Causes of Divorce

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Causes of Divorce Divorce has become one of the biggest disappointments in life. There are several reasons discussed about how a divorce might happen. Years ago when a couple was arranged and a date was set to be married, people stayed together indefinitely because it was illegal to get a divorce. Over the years it has become easier and easier for couples to become separated and then divorced because of law changes. In the early 1900s when couples were married and it was illegal to get a divorce, couples tried harder to keep their marriage and found ways of understanding each other and ways of coping together. For instance, if a couple were having disagreements about what time to put the children to bed, they would sit down and have a talk to decide what would be the appropriate time for the children to go to bed. Another example would be if a couple was having trouble disciplining their sixteen year old daughter. One parent might not want to get involved with the situation and the other parent may be too harsh. The parents would sit and have a one on one talk with the teen and together decide what the punishment would be. As with any type of punishment or situation, people learn from their mistakes. If a coup Continue...

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While we were dating, I caught him cheating on me with another woman. Couples may need to see a psychiatric consultant for their sexual problems. He told me that his wife wanted everything handed down to her on a silver platter. I met my future husband "Tom, through a friend that dated my brother. Money plays a big role in every family. A person might think that couples would learn from other people's mistakes, but that's not true in all situations. If two people spend enough time together, they get to know each other's habits and can decide whether or not they want to spend the rest of their life with that other person. I would not let him know that I did not like what he was doing, I would also get angry at him, and he did not understand why. Anyway a person might look at it, there are several ways that can make or break a marriage. After several years of that kind of treatment going on they became evasive toward each other. Sometimes having a special evening planned just for two or a candle light dinner every now and then may be helpful. The best way to make a marriage work would be to trust each other and be trustworthy, also communicating with the greatest of interest. It may be helpful to talk to a trustworthy friend or a family member, because maybe they had a similar problem and may have a helpful suggestion. There are several opportunities that couples can get involved in to bring them closer together. Eventually she started cheating on him and that left him no choice but to leave her.


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