The Importance of Chemistry

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The Importance of Chemistry We are surrounded everyday by Chemistry. Chemistry was responsible for you car to get you to work, your furnace to heat your home, and your body to turn your breakfast into energy. The coke you drank with your lunch was flavoured by chemistry. Chemistry is often called the central science, be Continue...

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They discovered by mixing some twenty odd chemicals together they could flavour something with the flavour of peaches with out that item of food coming in contact with a single peach. Chemists have even made it possible to produce crops of food plants that are hardier than the parent strains. For example a living organism is a complex chemical factory; by understanding the chemical behaviour scientists can find new ways to treat disease. cause it is vital in the sciences of physics and biology. When we tan is the sun it is a chemical reaction between our skin and the UV rays of the sun. Blend together a few different chemicals and you can create a pleasant smelling liquid, thus revolutionizing the perfume industry. Chemists discovered certain compounds can be used as a non-toxic food perseverant. Chemists have been able to make lots of useful inventions by using their knowledge of Chemistry. Chemists use their knowledge of the properties of this reaction to create effective sunscreen.


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