Sir Isaac Newton

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SIR ISAAC NEWTON Sir Isaac Newton has made great contributions to physics and other subjects. Newton lived to be 85 and in that time he made three laws about gravity. Most people consider him the most important scientist of all time. Unlike most scientists, Newton’s ideas had very little discussion. To explain his ideas he used mathematics. When Newton was young was not very interested in science and was at the bottom of the class. After Newton was interested in science, he quickly rose to the top of the class. Soon he progressed even more, by going to Trinity College. Even though Newton had many ideas he barely published them. Sir Isaac Newton was born in the year 1642 and died in 1727. He was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, in England. Newton’s dad died three months before he was born. Newton was good with his hands and built sundials, a water clock, model windmills, and flew kit Continue...

On the opposite side there is a force pushing on the balloon. He found out that white light is made up of different colors. In June 1661, Newton went to Trinity College of Cambridge. Each ray was different by the angle it was refracted. The greatest accomplishment of Sir Isaac Newton was the three laws of gravity. After the criticism went away he published the book, "Opticks. In January 1665 he earned his bachelors degree. Also, one Newton is equal to one-kilogram times one meter per second, per second. He had no talent for farming, and his teacher recommended him for the University of Cambridge. es with lanterns attached to the tails. The action is the person letting go of the balloon and the air pushing out of the balloon. Newton's mom took him out of school to work on the farm. For example, if two people were running at each other at the same acceleration but have a different mass, the person with the bigger mass would push over the smaller massed person. For example, if a ball is rolled it will keep its velocity unless a force acts upon it; and when a ball is at rest it will stay there unless a force acts upon it. This book explained his ideas of light and the colors it makes.