The Godfather - Hospital Scene

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The Godfather: “Hospital” Scene Analysis I was particulary interested in the scene where Vito Corleone has recently been severely shot and hospitalized and is at a local hospital for recuperation. The scene caught my eyes in several different ways including: the lighting, music, use of set, point of view of camera, low angle shots, and extreme angle shots. The scene starts out with Michael Corleone getting out of a taxi at the hospital steps. The shot is perhaps ironic in that there seems to be foreboding music playing with a tall, dark, castle-like hospital, but there are Christmas lights. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and peace, but in this scene there is no peace, nor joy. Upon entering the hospital it is empty and foreboding, with extreme long shots of empty hallways, all the while intense, ominous music is playing on the movie. Michael encounters no one, just a skipping record player and a half-eaten sandwich. His mood seems to quicken as he senses that his father is in danger and the music quickens, and Michael starts to run. He knows enough that he feels something is wrong and that Continue...

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Upon reaching his father"tms room we see the two chairs of the guards who were supposed to be there empty. His father is safe, but we here some ironic news from the nurse telling about why the guards are not there, "They were interfering with hospital service. Michael says something here that caught my ear, "I"tmm with now, I"tmm with you. This might be a metaphor for the "closing" of the scene. something bad has happened or will happen soon. And with this, we get a beautiful sequence of suspense with the all quiet hospital filled with the dreading footsteps coming up the stairs, and the dark figure cloaked in black, his back to the camera, seeming to be carrying something in his hand. You can see the love of the father to the son and from the son to the father expressed with a kiss of the hands of his father by Michael, a smile by his father, and by the tears of both. " It not only shows his devotion to his family, but his sheer determination to save the ones he loves. Michael has come into his own and we see how his fate is now in full force now. He is pushed by situations into this role where he must take charge to save his love ones, and he definitely shows that he is more than capable of it. In the next part of the scene, I thoroughly enjoyed the way Michael and Enzo were shot, on the steps, the last defense for their, "Godfather". This to me is where the scene ends. One can only think that this is a hitman hired to kill Vito Corleone, but in irony it turns out to be Enzo the baker, a friend who is bringing flowers and respects to "Godfather".


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