Effects of Political Parties

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Effects of Political Parties Introduction Since the last of the Whig party left office in 1852, the American political system has been primarily a two party system. The Democrats and the Republicans have been the two parties fighting for the Presidency since that time. There have been many other parties since that time, but mainly, these two have gone unopposed against each other. However, how much good do these parties actually do? Would our country be run as effectively if the presence of political parties was no longer a factor? It is the opinion of the authors that the U.S. Government would exist without political parties and may, in fact be stronger. The concept of political parties seems to go against what it means to be a politician: to represent his or her constituents. More time, money and effort, it seems is put into getting elected to an office than actually doing work for the people in that office. One fairly recent example is seen in the case of the proposed federal Balanced Budget Amendment. Mark Hatfield, Republican Oregon Senator, went against his parties wishes and voted against the amendment. His party nearly abandoned him for choosing the people over his party. Many senators are faced with the same decision ever Continue...

The world in which we live is constantly changing and getting faster and more efficient at making news readily available to the people. Back in the times before radio, tv, the internet and e-mail, people had to find out somehow about politics. Since political parties did start and take hold as they did, Americans have stuck to them and seem to remain grasped to them. For a better government for future generations, one without the constant battles for political offices and without separation from the people, we must look very closely at what can be done. We have evolved as a nation and have grown out of the need for political parties. So, in conclusion, political parties have served their purpose. Now, the only good that comes from parties is watching the ad campaigns of politicians bashing each other to pieces for some office or another. Another strike against political parties is evident. From this example, it is obvious that the way we know political parties, or perhaps political parties as a whole, are being phased out by the people. They were used for what they were intended and now, for what they intended has already been achieved, therefore making parties themselves obsolete. The only place where opposition was felt was at the state and local levels.