Oral Comm Reflection Paper

             Many people in this world have trouble speaking in front of an audience. Some people hate it because they get nervous about saying the wrong thing or looking like an idiot. These are some of the problems I encounter when I speak in front of a group. This is why taking an oral communication class at Mansfield University will be good for me.
             Oral communication classes can benefit me in many ways. It can get rid of my nervousness when speaking in things like job interviews, presentations I will have to do in other classes at Mansfield, and just making a good impression on the people around me through the words that I say. Weather people know it or not, the way someone speaks tells a lot about the person. Especially when trying to get a job. If someone speaks well and is talkative about ideas they have, the boss of that job is more willing to hire them instead of a person that is shy and doesn’t speak well at all. The reason is that the person who speaks better, the boss thinks that they may care more about the job even though that might not be the case.
             Comfort and confidence are big things in communication. In my first opportunity to speak in my oral communication class I was confident, but didn’t really feel all that comfortable. Stuttering and sweating where some of my faults when I was speaking. Overall I feel that I did better then I thought I would. As class goes on I am sure that I will gain comfort and more confidence once I get to know the people in the class, but the question is how long will that take for me?
             I have had some, but not many, unique experiences in my life that might be able to help me in oral communication. In high school I was usually the “class clown” and I was always the one who will just say what I have on my mind because I knew everyone in the school so I really didn’t care what people thought. The people in high school knew how I was and I was friends with mostly everyone the...

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