Women In the Middle East

             Even with the evolutionary changes within our society, women in the Middle East are still being discriminated against. Islamic views in the Middle East are the fundamental cause of the repression of women there, and remain the major obstacle to the evolution of their position. Women in this region of the world have no marital rights, are unjustly punished in comparison to men, and have a very strict dress code.
             In the Middle East women are denied the same martial rights as men. They are prohibited from getting a divorce, while men are free to divorce and remarry as they wish. Also women must be submissive to their husbands, because their husbands have total legal control over them. Men have control and ownership over all possessions, while women do not have any of these rights within a marriage. As well, women must seek permission from their husbands to see their parents, yet men are free to see their parents as they wish.
             In this region of the world women are unjustly punished in comparison to men. If a woman becomes pregnant after being raped, she could be stoned or caned to death. All that is needed for this stoning or caning to happen is a testimony of one male witness. While if a man commits adultery, there needs to be four male witnesses to the incident before the man can be punished. Also if a woman is considered to dishonor her family, they may beat or even kill her, and not be in any fear of being punished.
             Women in the Middle East are shackled by a very severe dress code. They must be covered head to toe in a garment called a burqu. This is a dark colored garment covering the whole body with just a hole for the eyes. This lack of choice in clothing diminishes any thought of individuality. Without individuality there will come no change, because there will be a fear of stepping out of the comfort of blending in with the rest. The burqu attacks these women’s strive for self-confidence. Being caged under such a gar

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