My Favorite Toy

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Looking back into my innocent years I remember my childhood gaze as I looked up and watched my loving grandmother cut up the only comfort that I had in my naive existence. That vivid image of my favorite blanket being torn up to pieces stays permanently engraved in my memory to this day. Since the moment I came into this scary world, my baby blanket held on to me as I nuzzled in its security. As a part of my first baby bed set, I quickly grew attached to the stimulating patterns that soothed my baby nerves. I delightfully observed the bright blue polka dots and the pink animated teddy bears that were delicately stitched in Continue...

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I remember that moment as if it were yesterday... My father sat quietly in the living room holding a video recorder in his hands, awaiting the arrival of the dreaded scissors. When I began to stumble and take my first baby steps in life, my blanket became the ultimate companion. That was the day that I realized that I was finally growing up. She sat patiently, knowing in her mind that it was time for her little girl to give up her beloved blanket. While grasping my cherished blanket tightly, I noticed my grandmother enter the house with a pair of shiny scissors in her hands. I stared in horror as my only prized possession was slowly being destroyed. My eyes filled up with salty tears as she began to approach me. And then came the day when my whole world came crumbling down. We were practically attached by the hip; on whatever adventure I was off to, it was always right there by my side. I watched my parents with bewilderment, unable to comprehend what was about to take place in my young life. As I grew older my blanket grew with me, and in a way became a part of me. What was left to my belonging was nothing more than a small square piece of fabric.


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