Symbolism of Good vs. Evil

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Beowulf, without a doubt, accurately presents the symolism in the battle of good verses evil. Sense biblical times, stories have been written portraying a well respected, heroic figure defending his people, as well as himself against wickedness, and all that immortality entails. In most cases the good conquer the inferior. Justice is served. Whether the situation involved a horrific fight or loss of a character, the reader is pleased with the almost always predictable notion that malevolence was been defeated. Yet, how does the audience decide which is good, which is evil? The author plays a huge role in shaping the pre-conceived notions of the characters that interact in each plot. One might confer that the writer has already made up his mind who will be victorious in the end within the first page. He has. The common reader tends to agree with the author, due to indirect persuasion suggested in metaphors, foreshadowing, and literary conventions. These all assist the reader in making up his mind. Grendel may raise a few eyebrows to those that agree with this theory. He is not your average evil. Although, judging by physical appearance, you might say Grendel is above average. His reputation mirrors that of his looks. He seems Continue...

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Has he even initiated a fight Looking deeper into Grendel, his personality may suggest he is more curious than cynical. He grabs on of them from his deep slumber and instantly devours him. Instead, he grabs right a hold of one and begins to pull at the large monster. Grendel's immediate reaction was to run to his mother crying. However, their evil still flows through their own spawn, such as Grendel. "Out from the marsh, from the foot of misty hills and bogs, bearing God's hatred, Grendel came, hoping to kill (page 45, lines 710-713). The purpose of this phrase is to depict just how miserable is during this time. The prince of Danes informs everyone that Beowulf is the brave son of Higlac. The writer used a (literary term I forgot) to describe Beowulf's strength; "Follower of the strongest of the geats- greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in this world (page 29, lines 195-196). Based on Anglo-Saxon beliefs he displays pure evil. Grendel, too, stopped is his tracks and could not move. Is Beowulf as good as he seems Nevertheless, the warrior steps up to the challenge.


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