My Philosophy On Child Care

             My philosophy on childcare is that, when becoming a teacher you should be focused on the well being of the child and the process of caring for the young adolescent. By helping a young child grow and learn through Physical care, Nurturing, and Guidance a teacher will obtain a sense of achievement, through contributing to the development of the child.
             During the child’s development, a teacher should be able to meet the child’s needs through physical care. Throughout child growth, an educator needs to ensure a healthy growth for a child within the classroom. Furthermore, by involving the young adolescent in play, it will provide the young child with opportunities for hands on experiences and active involvement.
             Children need a quality care environment with trained, skilled and nurturing educationalist. By paying attention to the child’s ability, it would provide a meaningful, relevant and interesting way for them to expand their understandings in the classroom. Nurturing relationships require the teacher to provide support, and encouragement. It allows them to be responsive to the children’s social and emotional needs as to their intellectual demands.
             Young adolescents need guidance and advice throughout life. Through guidance, it allows the child to learn self-control and also provide them with positive values during their growth. Helping young children build confidence and have fun, an educator must be actively involved in the child’s endeavor and keep a good attitude. During guidance it will permit the child to develop high sense of self-esteem, encourage them to be an explorer, and provide them with a clear sense of values.

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