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The residents of United States are protected against racism due to the implementation of the Constitution. Today the US is a model of equal human rights in the world, but very few people realise that the Judicial Branch of the US has played a significant role to eliminate discrimination from the roots of the American society. The Case Study in Chapter 5 of Wasserman's "American Politics" discusses the influence of the Judicial Branch in American politics. In my paper I will; summarize the basic content of the passage, discuss how the Judicial Branch can effect national policy, thus effecting the future of the society and reveal why the Judicial Branch is the most trusted Branch of the government? Eventhough the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments were intended to thrust equality in the US, they failed to change public attitudes toward discrimination. In the case of Plessy vs Ferguson (1896), the Supreme Court established the "separate but equal" doctrine, thus legalizing segregation indirectly. The Court claimed that this doctrine is not a violation of the Constitution as long as equal facilities are provided for both the races. Tragically equality was not enforced but segregation became a common Continue...

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Inspite of all the limits set on the Judicial Branch, I consider it to be the most powerful Branch of the government. The Supreme Court is not enforcing policies or writing new laws it only influences other branches, thus it plays a shadowy role. Eventough complains of racisim are often heard but they are of a lot less extent than those present in othe countries or in the past. The Judicial Branch is the most popular and respected branch of government among the public. Only few cases, which are considered important enough reach the Supreme Court and the verdict is in the hands of the majority of nine individuals. But due to the respect of the Supreme Court such a problem has never surfaced. Also it is the only branch, which has the authority to declare a legislation or an act unconstituional. There are very few or no controvorsies at all, since the judges are considered to be decent and determined individuals. This power can be used over other branches of the government or over the public. Eventhough the Judicial Branch is called "the least dangerous branch of government" it has played an important role in influencing national policy. The US has become the land of equal oppurtunity, where everyone gets a chance to survive happily. Slowly segregation was eliminated in transportation facilities, work, army and education in the United States. Then in the late 1930s some important judicial decisions weakened this doctrine but it was finally reversed in 1954 by the case Brown vs Board of Education. Also the other two branches of the government joined in to remove this evil from the society.


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