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Reaction Paper Chapter 1 Interpersonal communications involves individuals; it involves more than just social roles. Rather, each person should be treated unlike any other person. There is a qualitive distinction when we question relationships. We can notion that we can improve communication competence. In our daily basis we come to function with three types of relationships, I-It communication, I-You communication, and I-thou communication. In each of these we experience a different type of relationship. In an I-It and I-you relationship we are seeming, we are preoccupied in our image and put on a mask. In an I-Thou relationship we allow the relationship to be fully human, we reveal who we are and take of the mask. Frequently, we view both obj Continue...

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For example I work as a waitress, to many people my function as a person doesn't exist. They came to get food, they eat it and leave, and I was just an object to them who served them. Hence, I feel that it's a process that we go through and when we have a chance to get closer we than can develop I-thou relationships. Through the three stages, we realize that everyone has a different approach to relationships and some people don't like to communicate and rather be masked because of personal issues. Rather than truly making ourselves completely available to them, understanding them, we observe them or keep part of ourselves outside the moment of relationship. At that point I was still hidden under that mask because I felt uncomfortable working in the environment for a while and I feel that I may have been impersonal. It is possible to place ourselves completely into a relationship, to truly understand and be there with another person, without masks. But in the end it is important to always be improving our communication competence. In this type of relationship we do not get very much interaction, and we are seen as objects to one another. I think we need that bond to uncover ourselves and reveal who we really are as a unique individual. I feel that all of us have that bond with someone whether it's your friends or family. It is a process, which grows and builds on itself, and sometimes it can be good or bad. In I-you relationships our interaction is midway between impersonal and interpersonal.


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