Anomie Theory

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Anomie Theory Anomie theory belongs to an important person by the name of Emile Durkheim. This theory was his most important work in his study and experimenting of deviant behavior. He created this theory by accident thinking it was the explanation of suicide. According to Durkheim, social organization is needed for an external force for each individual’s goal to be reached with collective order. When disruption occurs among collective order, goals may not be reached and traditional rules loose over behavioral rules. This lose causes a state of deregulation and normalness that is anomie. A regular function of the collective order usually breaks down at the occurrence of sudden depression, sudden prosperity, and rapid technology change. When this occurs the goal reaching among an individual becomes almost impossible if not difficult. Hard to adapt readily to a lower state of existence is the effect Continue...

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The technology change can also make a person think of boundless hopes in effect to the collective order. According to Durkeim, these conditions among the collective order can lead to suicide particularly in Western industrialized societies. He elaborated on the thesis of Durkeim. Because of this the scale of America will have deviance as one side. He states the difference in legitimate and illegitimate ways to attain goals and how each can work hand to hand. The one"tms that can"tmt attain the materialistic goals of the upper class youths usually involve themselves in illegal activities in which they can attain such objects. The elements of social and cultural structures: "the culturally defined goals human beings are enjoined to pursue and the social structure that regulates and controls the acceptable modes or means for the pursuit of goals and interests. sudden depression have among an individual. A person had to go to college to get the best paying jobs, but an individual from a low income family was immediately dropped to the bottom of the goal achieving ladder. Sudden prosperity affects the collective order of an individual because it makes that person think they can attain limitless wealth and power. Universities only looked for two things and that was profits and wins. Merton"tms thesis also stated that an individual in the American society had to follow a set of guidelines to reach their own goals in pursuit of happiness. He noted in his studies of the unethical and illegal activities among college sports particularly football. Merton stuck to the fact that contemporary America was anomic.


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Anomie theory assumed, says Merton, that higher crime rates will prevail among lower socioeconomic groups where the institutionalized means for achieving (1725 7 )

Anomie and Strain Theory Th
Anomie theory assumed, says Merton, that higher crime rates will prevail among lower socioeconomic groups where the institutionalized means for achieving (1719 7 )

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