Social informatics is the study of key social, cultural, ethical, legal, public policy and economic issues related to information technology. Social informatics helps individuals explore and understand these key issues, which they will come across in their careers. As the infomation overload continues, the importance of social informatics will increase, and the necessisty of people with knowledge of technology, and its various social affects will increase.
             Let us look at the social effects of the Internet, which were discussed in the second unit of the Social Informatics course. Topics that were discussed included, Internet as a communication tool, Internet webpages, and self presentation on the Internet. Knowlwdge of these topics will help individuals in their future carrers. With the use of the Internet, a person can do research on potential employers by visiting their websites and find the type of company he/she would like to work for. An individual can create a personal website, and present him/herself in the manner he/she prefers. The employers can view these websites, which can contain the individuals resume and other relavant informations, and this could leed to possible job offers.
             In unit three, we discussed culture and iits effects on the diffussion of new technologies. Culture plays an important and vital role in the success or faliure of a technology's diffussion. Haveing knowledge of culture can be very beneficial in a future career. For instance, as a database designer, or a web designer, an individual must keep certain aspects of culture in mind so the design is easy to use for the employees and consumers.
             Having knowledege of property laws is very important and usefull in a creer in the future. We discussed property laws in unit six, which provided important rules and guidelines for the use of works of other individuals. Having knowledge of the Copyright law can prevent you using others work unkno

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