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tors Survive Plane Crash Horror - Pilot Dies’, the newspaper’s headline had proclaimed. Since the accident my life had undergone a dramatic and unbelievable transformation. I guess that after being involved in a plane crash it would be foolish to believe that everything would ever seem exactly the same again, but the changes that I experienced go beyond anything that anyone could ever have foreseen. My name is Jack Franklin, and I’m one of the actors referred to in the headline. Over the past ten years or so I’ve made quite a name for myself in Hollywood, appearing in no less than six block busting movies. The other gentleman that was in the plane with me when it went down, with the exception of the pilot, was Charles Durrant - an equally successful actor, and treasured friend. The horror took place as we were flying in my private jet, a Piper Seneca 3, from Los Angeles International Airport to Chicago, where we were due to begin shooting our latest movie together - which was an exciting first for us, as we had never appeared in the same film. The pilot, Winston Codran, a kind and exceptionally amusing man, had flown my plane on numerous occasions, all without incident, and I trusted him completely. The flight ha Continue...

Or perhaps they were just doing their jobs. Imagine being stripped of all the protective padding that the players wear, and then being tackled by the biggest guy on the park. So, if the amazing things that we simply take for granted are so unbelievable, doesn't it stand to reason that the things we don't understand are quite possible as well I've heard tales of people involved in accidents, where peculiar things have happened to them; from someone whose hair changed from black to bright white, to another who seemed to gain the power to see the future. " Charles duly complied, and began dragging Winston out of my way. d progressed smoothly, take off had been perfect, and even turbulence seemed to be having a day off, when, without warning, the aircraft angled into a steep nose dive as we were on approach to Chicago airport runway. The next thing I knew and the plane was turning into its murderous dive, and myself and Charles were once more huddled on the floor screaming. I simply didn't know enough, I realised as the ground loomed closer and closer. Once in my first class hotel room, it occurred to me that it was the first time I had been left alone since the crash. Someone once told me that the force of a sneeze is so powerful, that should you manage to keep your eyelids open, then your eyeballs would pop right out of their sockets, like tiny jack-in-the-boxes. Who would want to cast me in their lead role if I was a known nut-case No-one, that's who. But there are many strange things in the world, some a lot closer to home than you might imagine.