Democracy is a form of government that is run by the people of a country through elections and representation. There are many features of democracy. Most of these features are the same. The main features of democracy are free competitive elections, separation of powers, and freedom of assembly.
             Around 600 BC, Athens, a city-state in ancient Greece, became the first democracy. In Athens the ruler Draco tried to make many reforms in the city-state. Draco organized laws by putting them in a written code, letting everyone know what the laws were and how they applied to everyone. Solon, the next Athenian ruler, also helped Athens become a democracy. He wrote many reforms into the laws and gave all citizens the right to vote. This was a very important step in the origins of democracy. There are two types of democracies, direct democracies, and representative democracies.
             Direct democracy was practiced in Athens. In a direct democracy all the people meet to discuss problems and create laws. All citizens were directly involved in the creation of laws. Laws that were not directly created by the citizens are invalid. In Athens, an assembly was set up, this assembly met forty times a year to discuss and vote on issues. This assembly was made up of 500 men.
             The founders of America did not trust the Athenian form of democracy, because they feared giving the people too much power. This had caused America to relate to the second type of democracy, representative democracy. The representative democracy has begun in America in the 1700’s. This form of democracy has elected representatives making the decisions. The power was divided into three branches, the legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch.
             In conclusion, I think America is Democratic, because the government is run by the people, and the power is divided into three branches. Each branch checks one another so that not one branch has more power than the other.

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