Recruitment and Selection Policy of MNCs

             This chapter focuses on the overview of the research, which discussed about the government policy towards foreign investment in Malaysia and the benefits of Multinational companies to local people. This chapter also discusses the staffing philosophies of these international operations. The research problem, the objective of the study, the significance of the study, the definition of terms and the organization of the theses will also be discussed in this chapter.
             As stated in a seminar on “Business opportunity in Malaysia” which was conducted on the 26th of April 1999 at Salt Lake City, USA, it was made clear that Malaysia continues to welcome foreign investment into a wide range of manufacturing and related support services sector to build upon and upgrade the industrial foundation that has been laid so far. The Malaysian government offers attractive investment incentives for the various promoted products and activities. Moreover, Malaysia is prepared to offer a special package of incentives if projects undertaken entail large additional investments and bring special benefits to the country in terms of upgrading of technology under development and other multiplier effect”.
             Such actions of encouraging foreign long-term investment in Malaysia has resulted in the emergence of many multinational companies (MNCs) in Malaysia. MNCs do bring a lot of benefits to developing countries such as Malaysia. They provide jobs and increase the wealth of the local people.
             People are the most important asset of any organization and the success of those organizations depends on having people with the right skills and abilities .To make sure of the success of the organization the right people are recruited. It is important for the MNCs to have a good Recruitment and Selection policy, which is being practiced in Malaysia.
             In today’s tight job market, employers need to be able to select and assess candidates efficiently and effectively. Th...

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