If You Touched My Heart

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Essay Number 1 The short story If You Touched My Heart by Isabel Allende exhibits numerous instances of symbolism. I will be discussing the way I interpreted the following issues: plot, character, point of view, setting, and style. The title of the story relates in various ways to the story. By looking at the title you can get a good feel for what this short story is about. The word "plot" is defined as: the episodes in a narrative or dramatic work- that is, what happens. In this short story the main plot is that there was a man named Amadeo Peralta that grew up to be a ruffian. His father did not believe that school was for the kids. As he would put it "school is for sissies". The father assigned his kids a task. This task was to have them establish bonds between people that can help them with legal tricks. The father also wanted the children to go out and find "sweethearts". Amadeo was thirty two years old and still had not been married and he never planned to marry. He had no interest in changing his life in this way. However Amadeo was very scared of his father and would never do anything to go against what his father would tell him to do. Amadeo went out and started looking for a so called "Sweetheart". This girl Continue...

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Amadeo hired somebody to take care of Hortensia for him. He is the one that got married to a woman that he did not find attractive and also kept Hortensia in the cellar. Eventually Amadeo stopped coming to see her and did not take good care of her anymore. This story is told in a narrative context. Although she was in love she did not get to live her life as she wanted to. When she was confined in the cellar she really did not know of anything else. The women are not being treated equally. "Point of view" is the perspective from which a story is told. The two made plans to get married but before that day came Amadeo had to go on a business trip. I do not believe this is moral or ethical because nobody deserves to be locked up in a cellar and not even live life. Also the prison was an important place. It is not fair to not remember what it is like to see sunlight or to go outside. As long as he is happy that is all he really cares about. Hortensia was living in the cellar for a long time. "Children, no; but you shall have dolls" Amadeo said to her.


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