What do Police Do and How Effective are They

             What do police do and how effective are they?
             The police force constitutes a very influential and active part of the criminal justice system and social cohesion as a whole. In any common law country, they stand as the “most visible and critically viewed component of the criminal justice system.” In order to address the question at hand and fully examine the role and effectiveness of the police force, we must look at two factors. Firstly, examine the face, which the police represent – that is their styles, philosophies, ethics, attitudes and conduct. And secondly, examine their performance – their roles, practices, duties and achievements. This essay will attempt to address various aspects of policing, both traditional and modern day policing, thus including community policing, women in policing and police powers and accountability. There are many facets to the roles and functions of policing, for example whether or not they stand as a force or service, this essay will explore some of these, and ultimately the police forces detrimental and imperative impact on any democratic society.
             To fully understand the question at hand, it is necessary, that we firstly address the history of policing. The history of policing, as we know it today dates back to Sir Robert Peel in 1829. It is from the nine principles that Peel formulated in 1829 that the concept of policing emerged. It is important to note that despite their age, the principles constructed by Peel are still very relevant to modern day policing. For the purpose of this essay however, I will make most reference to the history and functions of Victoria Police. During the years 1836 – 1852 there was no such thing as a Victorian police force, it was officially “established on the 3rd January 1853”. At such time there was a total of 875 men, aiding a Victorian population of approximately 168,000 people. Police culture has had an immense impact on Australian...

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