Kate Chopin's The Storm

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“The Storm” “The Storm” to me is a story of sexual freedom and gender equality. My interpretation of the story came from the setting , largely, and also the characters and their attitudes towards the situation. The story title reflects the setting of the tale because not only does it describe what is going on outside of the house, but also supplies you with an indirect reference to what is happening inside of the house. With this we have two storms. Chopin uses elements of atmosphere, imagery, and setting in the story by the way the affair follows along with the outer storm. For example, in the beginning Chopin writes, “she was greatly occupied and did not notice the approaching storm” not only stating that she did not notice the physical storm coming, but also did not notice the arrival of Alcee.(113) At this point, Chopin points out that Calixta had not seen Alcee alone since her marriage which gives you the expectations that something Continue...

as the storm grows stronger and the lightening strikes. She shows no signs of guilt and Bobinot suspects nothing. Women are not simply a tool for mens pleasure, they have needs themselves. The moral judgement made on Calixta and Alcee's actions is that both men and women have sexual needs and desires needing to be filled, making both genders equal in the matter. (115) The fact that Alcee and Calixta dare not give into their drowsiness indicates that they must not be caught. found response in depths of his own sensuous nature that had never yet been reached. As "the growl of the thunder was distant and passing. there affair was now coming to an end. As the storm begins to strengthen in the setting outside, the passion between the two also begins to grow inside the house. Alcee's wife did not seem to mind this invitation to stay longer because she has old acquaintances to see and it "restores the pleasant liberties of her maiden days(116) This would lead you to think she has not been exactly faithful either although she is devoted to her husband.