Can a Girl Be a Hero?

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Can a girl be a hero? Gender constitutes one of the most important learning experiences for the young child. By the time, a child reaches pre-school, he or she is able to make gender distinctions and sex-role preferences. They also learn the appropriate behaviour for both boys and girls and men and women. In addition to learning gender identification and sex-role expectations, boys and girls are exposed to accept society’s definition of the relative worth of each of the sexes and to assume the personality characteristics that are “typical” of members of each sex. In a patriarchal society like ours, children learn very quickly that boys are more highly valued than girls, and with regard to personality differences, they learn that boys are more active and achieving while girls are passive and emotional. In the media, girls are again generally portrayed in a different way to boys. There are lots of examples of this from the images found on birthday cards to those in children’s books. In picture books such as comics, boys are mostly shown as rough and aggressive while girls are presented as ‘scaredy cats’ and ‘goody-goodies’. There are also far more male characters than females in comics, from ‘Superman’, ‘B Continue...

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Surely, most girl readers would like to see their favourite female character as a hero or heroine. She was a strong woman who understood and tolerated her stepsisters' and stepmother's cruelty. And worst thing is, none of them were considered heroes, or heroines for that matter. The construction of gender identity for girls and women also represents one of the most controversial issues in Disney's films (Giroux, 1999). Finally, even the bravest female character, Mulan, is not quite a heroine. He went on to add that these young women are helpless ornaments in need of protection, and when it comes to the action of the film they are omitted. Contrarily, Disney's evil women such as Ursula, Maleficent, Cinderella's stepmother and the queen from Snow White are portrayed in the masculine form where they almost look like drag queens with husky voices and their appearances. Whatever be the case, children can always be encouraged to see things in a positive light. Females are simple under represented in the central roles, pictures and stories of most books. Such characters are often portrayed as pretty "dolls who are meant to be admired and bring pleasure to the men they come across. It is now Ariel's turn, as a mother to prevent her daughter from harm, and Eric plays a small role in this. Unfortunately for the Little Mermaid, her hero falls in love with someone else and she dies - the ugly price she has to pay for living in a patriarchal world and literally being a woman with a repressed voice. This is intended to give the characters more grace and femininity. Therefore, can a girl still be a hero Children's books reflect cultural values and are an important instrument for persuading children to accept these values.


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