How Technology is Changing the Way We Communicate

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Interpersonal Communication Technology and Communication I believe technology is evolving the ways in which we communicate. Forty years ago, the ways in which we communicated were limited to face-to-face, letter or telephone. It should be no surprise that as new technologies emerge to make life easier, new ways to communicate emerge as well. The two most popular technologically advanced medians in which we communicate are email and the internet (personal web pages, chat rooms, etc…). Email Email may be the biggest evolutionary advance in communication in modern history. Initially, email was thought that they were too impersonal. Like written mail, how do you convey tone of voice, sarcasm, and nonverbal cues in which the reader gets a feel for how his message is being received? The answer is as ingenious as email itself, emoticons. Emoticons, according to Adler (1997), are combinations of keyboard characters that relay Continue...

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They are so commonly accepted and used, that on most word processing programs typing a colon and a back parenthesis yields J rather then : ). According to a study conducted by Bradford Scharlott and William Christ (1995), 74 of self-described shy people joined internet dating service "Matchmaker to find romance or sexual experiences as opposed to 46 of people who don't consider themselves shy. Imagine if we had a chance to think twice about everything we say to others. Other emotions that can be displayed are: :o for surprise, L for sad, or ;) for a wink. In a heated argument, how many fewer regrets would you have if you had the option of responding after cooling off rather than blurting something out that could be hurtful and retaliatory Although it may seem hard to think about the future of email, I believe society will find ways to make it more personal due to the level of convenience it offers. Internet In modern society, one of the biggest obstacles we face is meeting new people with whom we can share a transactional dialog. I also believe that like our predecessors, we can only guess what the future of communication has in store for us. Ten years ago I don't believe anyone believed that communication and the above medians would intertwine to the extent they currently do. I believe it is easier to carry out a conversation when you don't have the fear of exposing yourself and ideas. One of the best and worst parts of the internet is the high level of anonymity. I believe there should be a balance of both. According to Adler (1997), "emailers can choose the desired level of clarity or ambiguity, seriousness or humor, logic or emotion. In the business world, email is often frowned upon due to its impersonal nature.


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