English: not the official language

             “English should NOT be the official language in the United States”
             Why do people come to the United States of America? I believe its because this country has a lot to offer. One of those things is the freedom of speech. That is why English should not be made the official language in this country. People from all over the world come to enjoy this country’s social and political freedoms. Making English the official language would defeat the whole purpose of this country. The founding fathers wrote the Constitution, which states that we have the right to a freedom of speech and education. If English was never the official language for the past two hundred years, why should it change now? Having multiple languages in this country is beneficial because it fosters diversity and also helps preserve one’s cultural identity.
             When immigrants come here from over a 160 different countries around the world, it is said that one must know English to function in this society. That is true overall, but why should the government enforce what language one speaks. That is defying one’s right to the freedom of speech. Choosing what language should be spoken is something that the government should not interfere with. Learning English is going to be beneficial at some point, but legislative action is not necessary. Many immigrants for example Spanish people who migrate to the United States by crossing the border, do not know how to speak English. They still end up finding jobs and making a better living than they did back at home. This is because the United States of America is the “land of opportunity.” Our bilingual programs offer equal access to education and government to all citizens. This is why this country is one of the most cultural diverse and technologically advanced countries in the world.
             The many languages that exist in this country have made it one of the most diverse countries in the world. The United States has inhabi...

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