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Learning English Takes Up A Lot of Time Learning English was a very important part of the immigrants’ lives. Most immigrants longed for learning English well in order to read English newspapers and take part in American Society. The immigrants could find a better job if they could speak English fluently. Moreover, they could communicate with American people in this country, and enjoy the American Freedoms. Such as Freedom of Speech, the immigrants could say whatever they want to say in the USA. However, learning English definitely took a lot of time in immigrants daily lives. Such as him, my classmate, who was a new immigrant in the USA, he needs to use 320 minutes to study English one day. Learning English was not an easy thing, it was extremely difficult and complex. He had to give up a lot of play time to learn English well. He told, learning English could be divided by five categories: vocabularies, reading, writing, speaking and listening. He said he had to improve these five aspects of Learning English to improve his English level. He needed to spend almost one hour to memorize the vocabularies. English vocabularies were very significant to every immigrant student. They could not read more abstract English newspape Continue...

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He used half hour to memorize the conversations; and then He used another half hour to speak English with his friends and classmates each day. they could not absolutely understand English Text without adequate words. English listening was very important to English learner, they could not understand if they could not listen English well. He needed to spend at least 1 hour to listen English radios in order to improve his English listening. So he decided to ameliorate my English writing through he insisted on writing Free Writing Journal in 10 minutes every day. Learning English definitely took up him a lot of time. He thought his English speaking would be fluent one day through he speaking English every day. He hated reading English newspaper, because he could not understand completely it. He leaned to how to get more detail about his main idea through practicing Free Writing. He insisted on memorizing vocabularies every day, He believed he would possess a lot of English vocabularies one day. There were a lot of troubles about his writing, such as the spelling problem, grammars and run-on sentences etc. So he often readed English Texts with English dictionaries. He always wasted much time in reading English Texts each day due to he read so slowly. The professor told him more texts he read, higher reading speed he got. But they would be benefitted for keeping using a couple of hours to learn English one day, he said, because they would found they could speak English more fluently than before.


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