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Alicia:My Story ALICIA: MY STORY ALICIA JURMAN 1. Give a short summary of your book. (characters , conflict, complications, climaxes, resolutions) The story was mainly about Alicia Jurman’s life during and after the Holocaust. In her life she had witnessed more trauma that we can’t even imagine, such as her mother getting killed right in front of her. That’s not all, her whole family was killed during the holocaust. Her family cruelly wrenched from her, Alicia rescued other Jews from the Gestapo, led them to safe hide outs. She was only 13 when she began saving the lives of people she did not know. After the war Alicia continued to risk her life, leading Polish Jews on an under ground route to freedom in Palestine. I enjoyed this story a lot, but did not enjoy reading about the part where she tells about her mother getting killed, which kind of made me cry a little. After all that she had settled down and is mother of three grown children, living in California with her husband, and a writer and lecturer. Alicia Jurman had been 35 around the time she wrote this book. Before she had wrote this book she had gone around grade schools, high schools, colleges, synagogues, and churches letting people know what had actually ha Continue...

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I enjoyed every single page of it and I am someone who does not like to read. A minimum of five characteristics and prove by quoting from the book (page numbers included). Alicia Jurman had determination, courageous, and strong willed because even though her whole family was killed she still had been able to move on and free all those Jews. The fact that she needed to write just the facts made the story a little harder to understand because she had to deal with many different people in a short period of time and would not know them for long. What happened was they were in a man's house, who had let them in, and then two large SS soldiers had stormed in. After that instead of being killed she was just taken to another prison Chortkov. The Germans- The Germans had been the foil because they are the ones who tried to kill her. When she was a child she had become what she has become because she had first helped Jews escape when she was only 13 years old. This is where she is in the ghetto and telling this lady she is talking to and telling her about how her brother died and how she was just forced out of the house by Nazi soldiers. What things happened that changed her When her family had been killed she was changed forever. ), protagonist (The main character in a drama or other literary work), confidante (A character in a drama or fiction, such as a trusted friend or servant, who serves as a device for revealing the inner thoughts or intentions of a main character), developing character, foil, and static (Stationary character). She wound up surviving and freeing thousands of Jews. The story did not have an obvious rising, which had me wondering what was going to happen to her.