How I Spend My free Time

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Gained Experiences As a teenager I spend my free time on what I enjoy doing. Over the weekends I like to go paintball shooting in Desert Hot Springs at an old cement refinery. During the summer I enjoy going to the Colorado River with family. All throughout the year I like to spend my free time with my girlfriend Melissa. Through all these fun activities I have gained to keep out of trouble, continue going to school, and maintain a good relationship as a boyfriend. On weekends I like to gather up a couple of my guy friends and go paintball shooting. Paintball is like hunting only your hunting each other with paint. My favorite place to go paintball shooting is SC Village, which is l Continue...

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My life as been great throughout high school, and I hope it gets better throughout the rest of my life. SC Village is my favorite place to go because it has a variety of fields to play on. For example, one field is named Vietnam and has crashed planes, helicopters, under ground bunkers, and hills which really makes paintball exciting because it really makes you feel part of the action. When my family and I go to the river we just relax and have a good time. Being around family is what Melissa and I do the most. By going to the river 2 I'm motivated to continue my schooling, and be able to have a boat of my own one day. During the summer going to the Colorado River is lots of fun. When were together we have a bundle of fun going to the movies, shopping, dances, and traveling. Melissa and I have been together now for three years. As I drive the boat I pull my girlfriend on a donut shaped tube that has handles from which she is able to hold on to. As a young teenage boy my free time has kept me out of trouble by allowing me to keep busy by going paintball shooting with a good group of men. On my free time throughout the week and weekends I like to spend time with my girlfriend Melissa. What makes the river so fun is that I get to drive my girlfriends dads boat.


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